Thorough electrical inspection and testing carried out in Reading

Are you a landlord in need or a safety certificate? Or need any other kind of PAT testing carried out?

Neglecting faulty electrical equipment could easy result in injury or damage on your site. Why risk costly repairs or legal consequences when you can have your electrical systems tested by a qualified professional at the fraction of the cost?

When you use us to carry out any electrical testing work, including PAT testing, we take our responsibilities very seriously, and carry out extremely thorough checks. This means you can be confident all your electrical systems are functioning well, and we’ll also give you a full report on everything we’ve inspected for future reference.
If we find anything with a problem, we can also quickly fix it on site for you – and at a cost which is likely to be a fraction of calling an additional electrician out. 

Fault finding carried out

Experts in identifying and rectifying electrical faults - enabling your operations to get back on track – as soon as possible.

If you have a malfunction in your system’s electrics, we can respond quickly to your call out and get on with diagnosing the problem.
Whether your problem is quite simple like a flickering light, or highly complex in nature, the skilled team member we send to your site will be able to isolate the malfunctioning part, and replace it with new components as necessary. 
Where applicable, we’ll always advise you of any changes you can make to stop the problem re-occurring and for your peace of mind, we won’t leave your site until we’ve carried out vigorous checks to make sure your property is safe to use.

For more information about the electrical testing we carry out, please contact us with any further enquiries. 

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Got a problem with your electrics? Our fault finding can identify and rectify this for you. Just give us a call on
0118 402 5390

 Allaway Electrical done a full re-wire on my property in Lower Earley, I was very pleased with how James Allaway talked me through my options with different lighting systems, and finding the best for me.I am very pleased with James and his team and would recommend using them. 

Mr Bishop

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